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last night was really good fun. thanks to all you lot who did the fun stuff.


wood and paint and fun

im building a sculpture to be displayed in the south gallery on camden road in sunny tunnt wells. its a clothes shop, but on the third floor there is some nice space.

i will be using this.....and this....
i will be using some other colours. also i wont be using that bit of wood. these are just examples.....
more details soonish.


crane bug millions and tuborg.

so the other day this crane fell on a hotel. it was the same hotel i stayed in about a week before, and it landed almost right on top of the room i was in.

also, i got stung in the eye by some bastard bug.

oh, and i have taste of millionaire shortbread in my mouth.

erm.... I'm going to wireless on Saturday. that should be good. i cant wait to see daft punk, css, and lcd soundsystem. its going to be hot stuff!!!