im off.....

I have decided to become a famous poet.
Here is a poem to prove my worth -

I like to live,
An amazing lunch I had,

Its free verse, and its still in progress. Obviously I need to sand down the edges and give it bit of a buff, but I think im on to something huge.

Tomorrow I am seeing some dinosaurs and some iclandic folk.
I will be meeting Lisa in the national history museum, then we will be off to watch those icy rocking chaps


early birds get worms...

ive driven to work. its nice an early and i feel fresh like a daisy in springtime.
i have my tea (a ginger and lemon infusion) and i have my tunes (mew).
im staying at lisas house this week. my own home is being rewired this week. its an oldish house - about 40 years i think - and has the original rubber wires. my dad thinks we should change them all. i dont know, but i assume he knows what he is talking about.
good times ahead i think.

eurgh, my tea is cold already!!

David Shrigley is funny.