The world and its people

me exhibition init! woooo, at last!!

The world and its people aren’t really made of wood but if they were they would probably look like this – BYRICHaRD 07

This is a piece of art made from wood.
The point of it is too look colourful and to be a bit interesting to look at.
I could give you a huge deep and meaningful explanation of representation and such, but it would all be a lie. Lets be honest, this is what most artist do. Im not most artists. I‘m not trying to say im better than them, I just don’t B.S my way through the ‘scene’.
I want people to enjoy something simply because it looks pleasing to the eye. If you want it to mean something, then wonderful, but to me it is just some coloured wood stacked on top of each other and stuck in a corner.
I had a lot of fun mixing the colours, and I found it satisfying applying the paint. I used a few nails too. See if you can spot them.


bugger (just a little joke)

I made some burgers.
Some are hearts, some are stars, one is a bird.
I also made some chips.
It was served with peas.
It was like a party in my mouth and everyone was invited.