and my are not the same

i wrote this yesterday.
its a sort of poem, sort of...

My pain and my suffering are not the same as your suffering or your pain.
We are different people; we have different emotions, different looks, different fears and different loves.
Yet somehow we are the same.
We all breathe and live under the same sun and moon.
Every one of us appreciates beauty, however ugly it may be.
The fact that we even survive in our hostile world is enough to secure such a similarity.
We strive to find a peace, but we might search in ways that are at such poles with each other they can never match.
You may like red, and I may like blue.
You may like sun, and I may like moon.
I like rise and you like fall.
You like big and I like small.
We are all the same, and we are all completely different.

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