the blanket truth

What is living?
Living is forgiving,
Forgiving for an existence,
With or without persistence,
Trying and denying,
Birth, then dying,
We are all trapped.
By what?
By life?
By strife?
Struggling to understand,
What we can’t comprehend,
What slips through our hands?
What is, or is not sand?
Creating the profound,
Letting the profound create itself,
What is our health?
And what is healthy?
Is it the air from the sea?
The sting from a bee?
The caffeine in coffee?
I doubt it.
We are all part of the blanket.

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Kat said...

Hey! Thanks for your lovely comment:-) I haven't talked to you in ages, I really must log back into leaky.
Anyway this is a really good poem, very philosophical. Glad to hear you liked my post too. Oh and i'm glad to see you haven't given up blogging also!
By the way, today I finished an art project, that i have been working on for a while. It's a autumn headpiece/hat thing all sewn together by my own fair hands, i am scared of sewing machines!