We are lost

We are truly lost,
Our division is only matched,
By our confusion,
This illusion is spurred on,
By our self-worth,
What is important when we’re all gone?
When our homes are destroyed,
When we’re wakeful in the night,
What matters then?
Priority is an old friend,
She left these shores,
She landed an unfathomable distance,
From all logic and common sense,
What is the common sense?
Currently it is ignorance and fear,
We truly are lost,
We are the futile few,
And on our shoulders the future stands,
It is unbalanced and unhinged,
It looks down on us in anguish,
It receives no consolation from its plinth,
Its plinth,
That stands on crooked legs,
And relies far too much on chance,
We are truly lost,
For our sins we despise,
We despise each other and have no trust,
We are misguided by our peers,
We are led by the blind,
Into war and famine and death,
A righteous end?
Some may argue,
But what do they know?
What do any of us know?
If ignorance is bliss,
Why aren’t we happier?
We are lost.

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