Frozen Rock

Give me an iceberg,
So I can point out,
One tenth of my problems.
So you can sit,
And figure out,
What it is that bobs,
Up and down.
Issues are yo-yos,
And solutions don’t come.
Sunlight is the answer,
And warmth would help.
That could melt this cold harsh mess.
But it is almost night,
And dusk makes,
A fool out of me.
Constantly mocking,
And heckling.
And at the end of the day,
When my problems,
Are melted away,
And the sea has risen…
Will it be my fault,
There are homeless and dead?
My selfish fault.
I have guilt,
And plenty reason for it too.
I’d do better to bottle it up.
To put a stopper in death,
And destruction,
And have hope.
Hope I can ignore this frozen rock,
Before it crashes into me once more,
And drags me deep down,
To the sea floor.

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