If life is a roller coaster then what part am i?

If life is a roller coaster,
Then what part am i?
If the rails are wooden,
And crumbling with age,
Will I die quickly?
Or will I not cease,
Until the cart stops?
And does my soul ride,
In my body?
And get off,
As the next life gets in?
And do birds fly past,
And shit on me?
And does the sun beat down?
Am I by the sea?
Does the wind blow around?
And the rains drench my bar?
And what if I jump from this car?
Life has its ups and it downs.
On a ride it is reversed.
The down the fun part,
The up is boring.
The anticipation of a drop,
Is more invigorating.
How can life be like a roller coaster?
I think it is not.

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