Panda eyed.

Punched out panda eyes,
Like planets with dark rings.
They show the signs of age,
And they show the time of day.
Bright sun makes me squint,
And I feel on edge.
Rest would be welcome,
But at no point exists.
Awake and weary,
These eyes are blurry.
Rain rides down my face.
A gentle splash,
Of salt water on skin,
And I’m home again.
Home in a loose sense,
Riddled with meaning,
And metaphor.
A home I abhor.
A home for torment,
And a home for regrets.
A home for my natural shape.
Panda eyes,
No surprise.
When I burn the candle,
At each end.
An effigy to you and me,
A dummy of my core.
Panda eyed,
And howling blind.
I want sleep once more.

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