Segðu mér sögu (Tell me a story)

Sól það né vissi hvar hún sali átti, stjörnur það né vissu hvar þær staði áttu, máni það né vissi hvað hann megins átti.

(The sun knew not where she had her hall, the stars knew not where they had a stead, the moon knew not what power he possessed)

Gold light baths my bedroom,
And makes these photos gleam,
With amber warmth.
Photos of memories,
Which are not my own.
And yet, I feel nostalgic,
And happy to look at them.
I lived in a past life,
Paralleled with my own.

Tell me a story,
With light and paper,
And let your tale fill me whole.
Let the content of your simple saga,
Be a beacon in my eyes.
As golden arches spread through this room,
And spill over the face,
Of distant yesterdays.

Tell me a story.
Let the twists and turns of fate,
Unwind and wind again.
Tightening on a mapped out truth.
Let the simple sophistication of knowledge,
Be passed about,
Like the gift that it is.

Tell me a story,
So that it may continue its journey.
Lip to lip.
Heart to heart.

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