Such is life.

I move slow,
Through warm wind.
Cutting a meandering line,
In no particular direction.
I amble quietly,
Under still skies.
Feline like agility,
With quick soft step.
Such is life.

I sit away from the window.
Light straying over my back,
And silhouetting my head,
Upon the page,
Of an old dejected book.
I am getting cold,
So I rescue my jumper,
From its hook.
And then, im too hot,
And need to remove it.
My heads a crook.
Such is life.


Alek said...

I definitely know the feeling.

ByRICHaRD said...

glad you can relate.

Kat said...

hey richard! thanks for the comment
ah really enjoy reading your poetry:-)

Hope you are well anyway and enjoying the summer!